INFERNO is the new generation heating technology.This technology takes its power from electric energy.Well , why is it more economic and safer than the predecessor technologies?

INFERNO is controlled by a completely electronical system. This system calculates the most efficient way of heating by feeling the current heat of your room, your office and apply it.

INFERNO reaches its maximum heat value just 115 seconds after switched on.

INFERNO automatically turns down the LCD screen light at nights and spends less energy.

Air desired to be heated is absorved by the ground level , coolest part of the place , by means of the air channels used in INFERNO.

INFERNO includes no fan system. In this way , both the electric consumption decreases , operates silently and provides you a heating comfort far from dust.

INFERNO pushes down the heated air , in this way the provides a natural circulation.

INFERNO´s electronical system shuts down itself and operates in safety mode in case of perceiving an abnormal situation ( fire, covering upper side by a stuff etc.)

INFERNO´s PUSHPANEL can be used to activate the child lock.

The special glass used in the front panel of INFERNO is resistant up to 800 C degrees and 11 times stronger than the normal glass. Addionally , it has been designed as crashing itself into very small pieces to avoid cutting your hand in case of breakage

INFERNO continues its heating task by maintaining its internal temperature even after it is switched off. And this provides a great saving in electric consumption.

INFERNO´ s heating temperature is locked 20 C degree below the burning temperature of oxygen and the dust. Therefore , dry in the throat , difficulty in breathing and the burning smell are not encountered in the places using INFERNO

INFERNOuses the electric energy , the clean energy. It does not leave any of the residues smoke , soot , ash , carbonmonoxide that are left fossil fuels.

INFERNO´s front panel glass heats up as it does not harm the human health , in this way it is safe for your children and for you.